Structured Cabling and Electrical work

%IT Movers & Computer Relocation%Asien Netz Solution
Structured cabling is an important part in your data centre as office network and computer systems need a reliable infrastructure to support the orgainzation IT operations.

Over the years we provide cabling services for different type of cables such as the Cat 5E / Cat 6 UTP and FTP cable, Cat 7 as well as fiber optics cabling solutions to government agencies and private organization in Singapore.

Our other solutions include cable management, tracing and re-tidying of network room.  We do offer real of cisco network equipment subject to availability of the equipment.

Our Service Includes
  • Project planning and management
  • Cabling laying and cable management
  • Termination of cables to patch panel
  • Network patching with end to end patch cord labeling
  • End to end cable testing using fluke cable tester or light test for fiber cabling
%IT Movers & Computer Relocation%Asien Netz Solution