%IT Movers & Computer Relocation%Asien Netz Solution

Data Centre, Servers & Network Equipment Relocation

Asien Netz Solutions has over the years undertaken many projects to relocate servers and data centres for government organistation and companies in singapore.

Detail planning and good project managemen skills are essential when relocating your server room / data centre in order to complete the project qucikly, efficiently and to minimise system downtime.

Desktop Relocations Services

Asien Netz Solutions will make the process easier to assist you in migrating a few or move hundreds/ thousands employees during a office migration.

With our successful track record in IT relocation projects, we have a team of professional to ensure that the decommsioning, relocating and commissioning process with minimal downtime and with a smooth transition.

%IT Movers & Computer Relocation%Asien Netz Solution
%IT Movers & Computer Relocation%Asien Netz Solution

IT Penetration Testing

A penetration test, colloquially known as a pen test, pentest or ethical hacking, is an authorized simulated Cyberattack on your computer and network to exploitable vulnerabilities).

Normally we do not undertake the Remediation stage, we leave that stage to the clients IT staff.
However we do undertake re-testing after Remediation if required.

IT Secured Disposal & Degaussing

At Asien Netz Solutions, We provided full one stop services to dispose your decommissioned IT Equipment in a secured, responsible and environmentally way.

We provide a full one stop solutions from asset tracking, hard disk degaussing / shredding and disposal with certification

%IT Movers & Computer Relocation%Asien Netz Solution
%IT Movers & Computer Relocation%Asien Netz Solution

Structured Cabling & Electrical work

Structured cabling is an important part in your data centre as office network and computer systems need a reliable infrastructure to support the orgainzation IT operations.

Over the years we provide cabling services for different type of cables such as the Cat 5E / Cat 6 UTP and FTP cable, Cat 7 as well as fiber optics cabling solutions to government agencies and private organization in Singapore.

Office Relocation

Asien Netz Solutions does more than just moving IT Equipment securely & professionally.

Together with our moving partners, we integrate your office move together with office move so that you manage one vendor rather than multiple vendors…

%IT Movers & Computer Relocation%Asien Netz Solution