IT Secured Disposal and Degaussing

At Asien Netz Solutions, We provided full one stop services to dispose your decommissioned IT Equipment in a secured, responsible and environmentally way.

We provide a full one stop solutions from asset tracking, hard disk degaussing / shredding and disposal with certification

These are our process for IT equipment disposal:
  1. Services to unmount servers from the rack and remove all network related cables from the racks to end point.
  2. Services to unmount monitors from arm, decommission the desktop and remove the monitor arm from the desk.
  3. To provide onsite or offsite disk destruction by degaussing or disk shredding
  4. Secured hard disk storage to be provided for offsite degaussing
  5. To provide manpower and Transportation to relocate the items to the disposal site
  6. Asset tracking and documentation of serial number or asset tag
  7. Certification of recycling and destruction
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