Data Centre, Servers and Network Equipment Relocation

%IT Movers & Computer Relocation%Asien Netz Solution
Asien Netz Solutions has over the years undertaken many projects to relocate servers and data centres for government organistation and companies in singapore.

Detail planning and good project managemen skills are essential when relocating your server room / data centre in order to complete the project qucikly, efficiently and to minimise system downtime.

Our project managers will work with the customer team to plan migration, perform risk mitigation, identify configuration and to make contigency planning. We provided qualifed, certified engineers to execute the relocation projects. We will also engage and project managed external 3rd party vendors need for the specialised equipment or to keep the customer maintenance agreemen valid.

We will also deploy necessary tools such as rams and server lifts to effectively lift and move the larger equipment such as the blade servers, storage, core switches and power supplies.

Our Service Includes
  • Project planning and management
  • Trace and documentation of current rack layout and cables connection
  • Server disconnection. Un-mount with proper tagging of mounting kit and proper packing of the cables per server.
  • Specialize server packing in customize server boxes or server flight case.
  • Safe and securely tracked transportation
  • Unpacking and re-installation to the new rack layout and connect back the cables to the original / new configuration
  • We provide certified and qualified engineers on standby to assist the customer during the post move activities.
  • On-Site HDD data eradication and Secured IT equipment disposal
  • Next business day stand by
%IT Movers & Computer Relocation%Asien Netz Solution